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I’ve heard a lot of stuff said about how registry cleaners were not needed in order to keep your computer running well and I had even heard people say that they were harmful to your computer. However, a little over a year ago I had problems with one of my computers. Almost every time I used it, even if only for a little while, an error message popped up. Don’t ask me what the error message said but it had something to do with something being incompatible with something else and this message was followed by a number like 838 or 343 or something like that.

My computer screen not only displayed this messages but it seemed very slow, too. Sometimes, it would 404 error file not foundtake so long to boot up that I would actually turn it off, by holding down the on off button, before it actually got all the way started up. Then, I’d come back again later and try to start the computer and usually it would start up. It seemed to me that when the computer was working it was just very, very slow.

RegZooka Review

So I did what anybody who didn’t know a lot about computers would do; I asked a real computer geek what was happening. He told me that it was very possible that spyware, malware or viruses were causing my computer to behave in this way. He asked me what I had installed on my computer to protect against these things. When I told him there was a program installed that had been installed since I bought the computer he made me make sure it was up to date. Once I assured him it was and that using it turned up nothing, he suggested I use a registry cleaner.

Of course, I protested because I had heard bad things about these registry cleaners. He told me to make sure I tried one of the ones that he recommended because he agreed there were a lot of registry cleaners out there that were just no good. One of the registry cleaner names he mentioned was RegZooka. So, when I got home I went online and searched for RegZookaand discovered I could get a free scan with this product. So, I took them up on their offer.

The free scan showed me I had over 500 errors found. Seeing as I had these errors and someone who I respected as an excellent computer technician recommended I use RegZookabecause it was one of the best, I went ahead and purchased the license which allowed me to get my computer’s registry cleaned anytime I wanted to clean it for the next year.

The end of the story is; I’m very happy I did. All the problems I was experiencing with my computer were because I had these errors existing in my registry. From a technical aspect, I don’t know what all this means, but after my registry was cleaned my computer works great again; and that’s all I know.

What I have found out is that registry cleaners are useful and if you get the right one, I can say, at least from my experience, it will do you no harm but yet it can be very, very helpful to you.

100% PC Error Removal Guarantee

When I purchased Regzooka, they had a special offer where for $29.95 you get a full 1 year full usage of Regzooka but for just $10 more you get a free year of SpyZooka. That’s a $19.95 savings and so I took them up on this offer. Actually, as happy as I am with Regzooka, I am even happier with SpyZooka. It found things on my computer my old virus/spyware program overlooked. In my opinion, the spy stuff is even worse than the registry stuff because the registry stuff might slow down your computer but the spy stuff, they tell me, can cause you to have your identity stolen!

I guess the only slightest thing negative I can say is RegZookais the only registry cleaner I’ve ever used so I have nothing else to compare it with. Is there something out there even better than Reg and SpyZooka? I don’t really know for sure. Still, I do know both these two things helped me and when I get a new computer, I will equip it them.

So there you have it, an antidote from someone who is not a computer technician but can vouch for the fact that the right registry cleaner can do wonders for an ailing computer and that even if you just did a spyware scan with an average malware/spyware remover, you still might have some malware/spyware present that Spyzooka could find.

The bottom line is; for sure RegZooka is not a scam and I am happy to recommend it!

100% PC Error Removal Guarantee

Speed Up Computer

Whenever a computer slows down, it is a matter of great concern to whoever is using it. A slow computercan't stay awake at a slow computer makes surfing the web just about impossible and turns doing ordinary, routine tasks into grueling long-winded jobs. In short, there is very little more aggravating than a computer that just won’t respond. For me; when I’m trying to work on a very slow computer, I just can’t seem to stay awake!

More than just being slow a computer; when it is not working properly, it is also slow when it starts up and slow when it shuts off. All of the slowness makes you wonder if starting up your PC is even worth it at all. However, as bad as this sounds, it is nothing compared to when it freezes and computer errors messages start to pop-up. This is the time that makes you feel like you’d rather return to the days before the computer was even invented.

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However, you can take heart because computer slowdowns are very common and usually there is a relatively easy way to stop them along with the freezing, crashing and slow start-ups that accompany a computer that just isn’t performing properly.

So, what is this magic bullet that restores your computer back to the days when it was a true, bona fide speed merchant? The answer is a good, and I stress good, registry cleaner. I can’t say that a registry cleaner was the answer to every computer slow down problem of all time. However, I do know that most times the computer slows down or freezes or crashes it is due to a Windows registry system that needs some attention.

The key to understanding why a registry cleaner is such an important tool lies in understanding just what a registry is. Contrary to popular believe, a registry is not part of a computer. A registry is part of a Windows operating system. This is true whether this Windows operating system is Windows 95 or Windows 7 or anything in between. Registries are inherent to Windows.

As its name implies the registry registers everything that any operation or operator has to do with the computer. Moreover, anything that is done on the computer; that is, any operation at all causes the Windows registry to exchange information to and from it. Without getting into too much detail, these exchanges tend to leave traces of information behind. When these traces of information build up to any significant amount, they tend to make the Windows operating system go through more steps to do what it used to and just a few steps.

This, in turn, makes your computer use more resources to do what you would expect to do quickly. When this occurs, it is time to use a registry cleaner to clean these traces of information out of the registry. Doing so will allow Windows to go back completing its operations in fewer steps just like it did before the registry had extra information build up in it. Once this happens, the computer will be able to work freely and easily again. So its resources will be freed up and it won’t be bogged down by registry problems. The results? A computer that is once again fast. It is just that simple!

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Heil Strassman

Slow PC? You Might Not Have To Live With One Anymore

There are several reasons why your computer may have slowed down. A computer that has become slow over the years or even over the last couple of hours can be repaired often times fairly easily. This is not to say that we have a magic potion that you can apply and make a fast computer out of one that’s been slow all along.  Let me explain:windows 98


If you have a computer that is 10 years old, has Windows 98 and uses 100 megahertz to power its operations. You are not going to make this computer fast again. Sometimes, it only takes four or five years for technology to advance beyond the usefulness of your computer. It sounds like a rotten deal but that’s just the downside to rapidly advancing technology.

In other words, there is such a thing as a computer acting slow because the demands we put upon it are bigger than the demands it was designed for. This is why computer upgrading had always been such a marvelous option to have. There was a time when simply adding more RAM to your computer would git it to keep up with newer programs and hardware and internet speeds.


With a lot of today’s laptops, there is only so much you can do to upgrade. While it is true there is usually a way to to make some upgrade and there are many USB devices that can be used as an add-on to your computer, but sometimes a computer will become outdated and that’s all there is to it.


However, for those of you who have a computer that seems to have all the numbers; for instance, Pentium 4, 1 meg of RAM, 2.0 gig system speed, your computer just shouldn’t be slow yet. Such a computer that has slowed down might just need its registry cleaned.


When you’re dealing with a computer that was fast a short time ago and it has lost some speed, the majority the times this happens because the Windows operating system needs to have its registry cleaned out of junk files. This is in contrast to computer that just doesn’t have the innards to keep up with  heavier workloads now being placed upon it.


Sure, if your computer is seven years old or so, you’re probably not going to do too much to speed it up. There are cases where even if your computer is only four years old, it still may be past its prime and maybe operating slowly because of this.


However, the majority of computers that are less than seven years old which have become slow may just need their registries clean. Yes, it’s always fun to shop for a new computer but before you shell out another $1100 for a new PC, you might just try a free registry scan to see if you have an easily correctable problem. Even if this didn’t turn out to be the case, you will betting a free scan with a reliable a registry cleaner, so really, you have very little to lose and a lot to gain.
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